Static WebFonts Repository

fonts rarely change and so are in essence immutable, so it makes perfect sense to host them on a site like neocities / IPFS, so we have the benefit of having them "distributed" around the network without the need to have google or other big 3 spying on us.

I have uploaded some of my fonts here in the /fonts folder.

Now like every globally shared resources we have to agree on names ...

we could go with a cryptographic hash[1] of the file however I prefer easier names, so I wrote a little utility that would take the IPFS multihash and created *humanly* readable names for these fonts, collision may occurs so I added a serial number.

Alternatively you can find all fonts under their original names in /ipns/QmY3siyZNLA51Lt3r2G2Wymq9a8vBpFwMc9ECgUyvMq7DB (however to access them you would need local IPFS node running in you LAN).

Archives of this site can be found here